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orbz [27 Apr 2006|03:11pm]


These are any unexplainable circles or balls of light. Earlier in the text, we discussed the possibility that phantoms may sometimes travel in this shape since its the most energy efficient. Even so, this type of image is the one most easily caused by conventional means. A drop of rain, a speck of dirt or dust on the lens, an insect, or a reflection can all cause orb like images. Its good to intentionally photograph these things so you'll know what they look like. A trained, experienced eye can differentiate between normal and anomalous orbs. Just be sure to exercise caution. The most compelling orbs are those caught on video. They can move with lightning speed or slowly bounce along in a curious way. They can pass through objects, and the intensity of their illumination can change. Some of the most interesting photos show orbs partially hidden behind objects in the photo. This shows that they're far away from the camera, unlike a speck of dust or a spot on the lens.

Often, orbs appear to have a nucleus, just like a cell. The nucleus might surrounded by "bands" - concentric circles emerging from it. In fact, it might almost appear like an onion that's been chopped in half.

Although orbs are frequently captured in the visible realm, it seems they are most active in the infrared environment. Because of this, digital cameras are especially good at capturing them. Some of the most spectacular orb activity I've ever seen has been captured with infrared technology. Half-real objective experiences often include orbs picked up by digital cameras, otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Since ghosts have an electrostatic field, it makes sense that particles from the atmopshere would be trapped in that field and form a tiny clump of particles that marks the phantom's presence. Could some of these orblike specks be a ghost's flying-dust footprint?

We cannot conclusively say that paranormal orbs are ghosts. However, they often appear abundantly at haunted locations. Therefore, there seems to be some definite connection between ghostly activity and orbs. The exact nature of that relationship is still being explored.

from how to hunt ghosts by josh warren.


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